Here are tools and resources to help manage Restless Legs Syndrome and learn more about the NEUPRO® (rotigotine transdermal system) Patch

We've assembled this selection of interactive tools, videos, and more to help you understand and manage Restless Legs Syndrome and support your NEUPRO experience. We hope these resources will help you to be an active partner in your own care.


  • My Doctor Conversation Builder

    This interactive tool can help you prepare for your next doctor's appointment. This way you'll be ready to discuss your questions and concerns about RLS.

  • How Is RLS Affecting You?

    If you think you may have RLS, it's important to understand how much of an effect the condition has on your life.
    It may have a bigger impact than you realize. Use this tool to get started.

  • Myths & Realities

    See if you know fact from fiction when it comes to RLS.

  • Describing My RLS

    Do you have “crazy legs,” or is it more like "ants marching"? We'll give you a selection of words and phrases that can help you tell your doctor precisely how your RLS feels.


  • Apply the Patch Video

    Watch a brief video on how to apply the NEUPRO Patch.

  • Hear from an Expert

    Philip M. Becker, MD, Medical Director of the Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas, treats many patients with RLS. See what he has to say.



  • Save on the NEUPRO Patch

    Find out if you qualify to save on the NEUPRO Patch.

  • Patch Partnership Program™

    Sign up to get tips, tools, and information on living with RLS.

  • Patient Assistance Program

    If you don't have prescription coverage, don't qualify for government-funded prescription benefits, and can't afford to pay for NEUPRO on your own, UCB, the manufacturer of NEUPRO, may be able to help. To find out if you qualify for the UCB Patient Assistance Program, please call customer service at 1-877-785-8906.

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