The science behind the patch

The medicine: studies have shown that Restless Legs Syndrome is associated with impaired dopamine levels in the brain. NEUPRO® (rotigotine transdermal system) is a dopamine agonist delivered from a patch. It is believed that dopamine agonists work by stimulating dopamine receptors in the brain; however, the exact way NEUPRO treats RLS is unknown. When applied to skin, the NEUPRO Patch is designed to continuously deliver the active ingredient, rotigotine, over a 24-hour period. Doctors prescribe NEUPRO to treat moderate-to-severe primary RLS.

The patch: the patch is a transdermal delivery system (a way to deliver medicine to your body through the skin). NEUPRO is a different way to take medication, and it's important to use it correctly.


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Because the NEUPRO Patch is delivering medication, it's important to apply it properly. Please take some time to view the video above. It will help you understand the do's and don'ts of using the patch. And also be sure to read the instructions below.

Download step-by-step instructions for applying the NEUPRO Patch


  • Do not use NEUPRO if you are allergic to rotigotine or any of the other ingredients in the patch.
  • Use NEUPRO exactly as your doctor tells you to use it.
  • NEUPRO comes in 3 different size (dose) patches for RLS. Your doctor should start you on the lowest dose of NEUPRO. Your doctor may change the dose weekly until you are taking the right amount of medicine to control your symptoms. It may take several weeks before you reach the dose that controls your symptoms best.
  • Apply NEUPRO 1 time each day at the same time each day.
  • You may bathe, shower, or swim while wearing a NEUPRO Patch. Water may loosen your NEUPRO Patch.
  • If the edges of the patch lift, you may tape them down with bandaging tape.
  • If your NEUPRO Patch falls off, apply a new NEUPRO Patch for the rest of the day. The next day, apply a new patch at your regular time.
  • If you miss a dose or forget to change your NEUPRO Patch, apply a new NEUPRO Patch as soon as you remember. Replace the NEUPRO Patch at your normal time the next day.
  • Talk to your doctor often about your condition. Do not stop or change your treatment with NEUPRO without talking to your doctor.

Read the PDF Instructions for Use and watch the video above for specific information about the right way to apply the NEUPRO Patch.

What to avoid

  • Do not drive, operate machinery, or do other dangerous activities until you know how NEUPRO affects you.
  • Avoid exposing the site where you have applied your NEUPRO Patch to heating pads, electric blankets, heat lamps, saunas, hot tubs, heated water beds, and direct sunlight. Too much medicine could be absorbed into your body.
  • Do not use NEUPRO during certain medical procedures called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or cardioversion. Using NEUPRO during these procedures could cause a burn to the site where you applied your NEUPRO Patch.
  • Avoid direct sunlight if you get a skin rash or irritation from NEUPRO until your skin heals. Sun exposure could lead to skin color changes.